Topic: Easy2Boot

Date 29/08/2019

By Krauter_German

Subject Re: Re: Display disk sizes

the new E2B v1.B6a does not change the HDD capacity display.
Would the display disk sizes string in the My2B.cfg also need to be adjusted?
But you are right. If you round the capacities to 4GB, the display is correct. In the display on UEFI PC, I have made a mistake, here is not 2048GB but 2044GB displayed and no other hard drive installed.
The displayed RAM is correct on 2 Legacy BIOS PC 24GB: BIOS = 24574MB E2B = 24574MB
and 12GB: BIOS = 12280MB E2B = 12280MB
UEFI PC 16GB: UEFI BIOS = 16318MB E2B = 12946MB