Topic: Easy2Boot

Date 29/08/2019

By Marc Lehmann

Subject Re: Re: Legality of Easy2Boot

Not understanding the GPL doesn't mean you are free from it's requirements: nothing else gives you the right to redistribute the software - first, e2b is clearly a derived work and thus the GPL would apply to it and you would have to distribute your derived work under the GPL as well (if you think its not derived, remove the GPL components to see if it still works). Secondly, neither the GPL nor the wikipedia link support your false claim that you can distribute "unaltered" binaries without heeding the license. Lastly,
the fact that some people don't care about illegal redistribution doesn't suddenly make it legal (and do you really claim you have asked _all_ copyright holder of syslinux, grub4dos and other software you include for different license conditions? Where is the documentatoon for this?).

So, as it stands, you have no right to distribute the works of others without following their license, and according to the terms of the GPL, e2b is clearly pirating other people's hard work without even giving credit. None of which you are allowed to do under the GPL.

Asking me which "T&C" you violated is also disingenous - you have to have the right to redistribute the software, the default is that you are not allowed to do it. The GPL allows you to redistribute software under certain conditions that you are clearly not implementing. Nothing in the grub4dos or syslinux licenses allow you to claim credit as your own (as you do) not inform receivers of your software about the license, not offering receivers of your software the same rights according to the GPL and not offering source code.

If you really want a T&C clause, take section 4 of the GPLv2, which disallows redistribution except as stated in the license, which you do not implement.

If you were honest about this you could have pointed out which section of the GPL you wrongly think allows you to redistribute the binaries without source/license/credit/or source offer, rather than point to a random link in wikipedia that doesn't support your claim at all.

And if you want to become honest, it would be high time to stop stealing other peoples work and follow their license, especially given that e2b wouldn't exist without their hard work.

The reason why I so aggressively hum on the "honest" here is that if you were honest, you wouldn't see a problem with giving credit where credit is due and following the license - you would just do it. Your weaseling around is just dishonest.