Topic: Easy2Boot

Date 29/08/2019

By SteveSi

Subject Re: Re: Re: Legality of Easy2Boot

From the Wiki page:

Communicating and bundling with non-GPL programs
The mere act of communicating with other programs does not, by itself, require all software to be GPL; nor does distributing GPL software with non-GPL software. However, minor conditions must be followed that ensures the rights of GPL software is not restricted. The following is a quote from the GPL FAQ, which describes to what extent software is allowed to communicate with and be bundled with GPL programs:[71]

What is the difference between an "aggregate" and other kinds of "modified versions"?

An "aggregate" consists of a number of separate programs, distributed together on the same CD-ROM or other media. The GPL permits you to create and distribute an aggregate, even when the licenses of the other software are non-free or GPL-incompatible. The only condition is that you cannot release the aggregate under a license that prohibits users from exercising rights that each program's individual license would grant them.


Since no program in the E2B project includes GPL code but merely calls separate GPL programs, I don't think I am required to provide source code for my own programs. So I may perhaps be guilty of not including a text file of the GPL licence and another file stating which of the included programs are GPL licensed. I also may be guilty of perhaps not mentioning the GPL programs on the E2B website Licensing page too.

The free E2B project, web site, forums and blogs have always made it clear that the Easy2Boot menu system is based on an (unaltered GPL) version of grub4dos.

I will try to rectify these oversights ASAP and hope that will satisfy you.