Topic: Easy2Boot

Date 29/08/2019

By Marc Lehmann

Subject Re: Re: Re: Re: Legality of Easy2Boot

I would also like to point out that you woulöd have to jave done all this work first, and not only when people complain and point out you what you are doing is illegal.

I would really suggest following the license instead of pirating other people's work, and not continously try to weasel yourself out.

Citing wikipedia as if it were in any way relevant is a good example - you are misunderstanding wikipedia and pretend that wikipedia is somehow an authority, but it is not.

The only thing that counts is the license of the programs you are using.

And this license does not allow you to redistribute derived works under an incompatible license, put extra restrictions on derived works, remove copyright notices of the real authors and relieve you from the requirement to provide all sources.

If you think e2b is a mere aggregatioon you should be able to prove this by making a working distribution of e2b without the GPL-licensed parts - this would prove that it is an independent work.

Which of course it isn't, because you are incorporating modified versions of grub4dos, syslinux and probably other saoftware in your product.

Really, read the license and implemeent its requirements, stop weaseling around and qauoting wikpedia as if it had any relevance.

I also take note that my challenge to provide documentation that you indeed have asked all the copyright holders for permission has been ignored by you, which makes me think you made it up, and you don't really know that the copyright holders are ok with you redistributing their software under another license. IF you think I am wrong, it's easy to prove me wrong, but you continously fail to do so...