Topic: Easy2Boot

Date 30/08/2019

By SteveSi

Subject Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Legality of Easy2Boot

You said:
'because you are incorporating modified versions of grub4dos, syslinux and probably other software in your product.'

BUT I have said several times that I have NOT modified any version of any GPL s/w. It is not 'derived' from any GPL sources. It just contains unmodified original GPL binaries, the source code to which is freely available from the original authors. The main bulk of Easy2Boot consists of my own grub4dos batch files which are in plain text and are therefore, in themselves, the source code. Perhaps you do not fully understand how E2B works?

I will endeavour to clarify the licensing in future and include GPL licence text files with the download. Authors of any of the aggregated s/w are free to contact me if they still have a problem (though no one has so far in over 6 years).

Over the years I have asked as many copyright owners as I can if it is OK to distribute their binaries with E2B before I have used them (mostly via forums/bulletin boards) but I have not kept specific records for all the s/w and I don't see why I have to show you the records anyway. I have tried to be careful to not include any s/w which I was not allowed to freely distribute. If there is an issue, then that is between me and the authors and it is nothing to do with you.