Topic: Easy2Boot

Date 11/09/2019

By a25

Subject Make a modifiable image

ISO9660 are not easily modifiable, it's necessary to unpack all, change a single file and repack them, which is harder than modifying a file in a file system such as FAT or EXT4 (just mount it to a loop device).

What is a suitable file format for bootable file such that it is modifiable?

Would an ISO that contains an image of a bootable disk with a partition table works, or should I use the makepartimage tool to make a .imgPTN file (how to run this from Linux? I read the persistent tutorials but makepartimage is required in all of them.)

I tried to make a file with `dev if=zero of=file.img bs=...`, format it with `mkfs.ext4` or `mkfs.vfat` (tried both) and copy the iso content over but it does not work (just return to E2B menu, doing nothing or show a corrupted label name).