Topic: Easy2Boot

Date 17/09/2019

By Rui Correia

Subject Write Protected Sandisk stick

Hi Steve.
I've been using a Sandisk Ultra 3.0 32GB with E2B for a few months, maybe close to 12 months now.
During this time I created a Manjaro KDE imgPTN install and used every now and then, mostly at weekends.
A couple of days ago I upgraded to the latest E2B version and right after that I loaded another 4 or 5 isos that I tend to need on occasions.
Suddenly the disk stopped permitting me to write on it. My Windows 7 hadn't been rebooted for 4 or 5 days in a row and I decided to reboot it. After that it still didn't allow me to copy or delete any files on the disk.
Tried diskpart that says the disk is write protected. Not even a diskpart clean will clear the write protection.
Reading about it on the internet, it appears that Sandisk will lock a disk with WP if the disk presents any sign of degradation. This way Sandisk guarantees the data present in the disk.
Do you think it could be something like that?
When I decided to go imgPTN I knew that I would be wearing the disk but I thought these disks would allow more time doing this. I was expecting maybe 3 or 4 years doing this.
To your knowledge, is there anything I could do to minimize the wearing? Like booting to ram, running everything from ram and only writing the changes to disk once a day or when we issue the shutdown command.
Would WindowsToGo be as bad for disk wearing as linux on imgPTN?
Thanks in advance.