Topic: Easy2Boot

Date 17/09/2019

By SteveSi

Subject Re: Write Protected Sandisk stick

I am surprised a Sandisk Ultra is fast enough to run a full OS.
So when you boot to E2B then E2B reports that the drive is write-protected? If not, then what you are seeing may be something to do with Windows and the drive is not write-protected in h/w.
If you are talking about running a full linux installation or a full Windows (WinToGo) installation from USB, then it is going to perform many write operations every day. AFAIK, SanDisk do not warranty their flash drives if used in such a manner. This is because flash drive controllers do not have the advanced (static) wear levelling support in the controllers. AFAIK, most SanDisk controllers in their flash drives should have dynamic levelling (others may not), so writing to LBA0 every time you switch to a .imgPTN file should have no discernible affect. Corsair may use static levelling in some of their drives (but they won't say which ones!) but seem to stick with their 10 yr warranty even if used as WinToGo\Linux.
If you are running a full OS every day, then you really need to use an SSD or M.2 USB drive that is intended to be used with a full OS.
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