Topic: Easy2Boot

Date 17/09/2019

By reikred

Subject Boot driveX PartitionY (menu request)

Hi Steve, Can you please expand the F7 "Boot First HDD" functionality to a more general menu that supports "Boot drive X partition Y"? It would be very useful. I already know that I can achieve this task manually by invoking a grub4dos shell (shift-P, enter "easy2boot" as passwd, shift-C to get shell, then enter command "chainloader (hdX,Y)+1", then command "rootnoverify (hdX,Y)", then command "boot"). However manual operations are cumbersome, there is the complication you need map (hdX) (hd0) when X!=0, and perhaps other complications that makes the task somewhat ardous. So an automated system would be much better and more accessible to non-experts.
Bonus points if the "Boot driveX PartitionY" menu has an optional command to generate a list of possibilities that includes useful hints such as fstype, e2label/volname or other indicators/reminders as to what is stored on each partition.
How does that sound?