Topic: Easy2Boot

Date 15/10/2019

By Me

Subject Re: Re: Sorry 2 be a bother,

I Accidentally Corrupted the Boot Sector I think when I Defragged 3 Non Contiguous iso files, I've followed the instructions on the website. But it's not working, I'm not sure if it's related 2 the BugFix. I guess I'd better start again, I was Trying 2 Avoid it because it amounts 2 More than 80 Linux isos ( mostly Puppy Linuxes ), a Dozen or so Utilities, & a handful of M$ Virus Magnet OSes on a 120 GB USB Flash Dr... ( that's B4 I include a Couple of MacOS X Dmgs & Raspberry Pi aRm imgs that I'm Planning 2 Testes on a 16 GB USB Flash Dr... ;-)K