Topic: Easy2Boot

Date 16/10/2019

By Lootron

Subject UEFI - Only WinToGo

So I have a 'fixed' 920 GB HDD I want to use with E2B, but the system I plan to use is UEFI-only. I also plan to use Win 7 (I realise you have to extract the boot64 from install.wim) I decided on a 80 gb .imgPTN file (Should it be imgPTN23?) Your current WinToGo tutorial works to a certain point. When I use SWITCH_E2B (I'm on Win10), it tells me the files are in the wrong order for UEFI booting and will ask to reorder them. Eventully, it runs out of space. I even re-formatted/re-installed E2B to give it the full capacity of the HDD and it still runs out of space! Is this a nescarry step of your tutorial or does it need to be corrected?