Topic: Easy2Boot

Date 01/11/2019

By Steve Si

Subject Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: How to make / shrink partitions?

Well I don't have much to go on. Why do you want to create a 2nd partition? Why not just copy the E2B files to it and install grub4dos?

Does the drive have partitions? if so are they MBR or GPT partitions?
How are the partitions formatted - exFAT? FAT32? etc.
Is there plenty of free space inside the partitions (you obviously can't reduce a partition if there is no free space)?
What does RMPrepUSB - DriveInfo - 0 and P1 show? email me the files to [email protected]
Why don't you wipe, partition and format the drive using Easeus parttion master and put E2B on the first FAT32 partition and see if the phone recognises it.
You can always install an Android NTFS driver (e.g. Paragon NTFS - but I haven't tried it myself).