Topic: Easy2Boot

Date 26/11/2019

By [email protected]

Subject about payment methods

Hi, how are you? i've been using e2b since 2015 or 2016 if i recall correctly, it was a life saving for me since i always have used a 16gb usb flash disk and space was always always limited and i had to re-flash it with other isos when i needed them. that was until i've read about e2b and whew, no more reflashing.
i was given a 128usb stick from a dear friend and i wanted to give a good try to e2b on this stick and was even more surprised of the capabilities of this software. therefore i wanted to say thank you for your hard work!
Now, the real question. i know how uefi and bios/mbr works. And i wanted to fully exploit the capabilities of uefi and e2b so i want to get the book #3. the thing is: the payment method. i live in venezuela so pay with foreign currency is a (let's just say) a pain in the ass.
Are there other options available? because i really really really want to get that book and study it.
with nothing else to say, i sincerely say thank you and best regards - luis