Topic: Easy2Boot

Date 14/12/2019

By Henning

Subject imgPTN grub unknown filesystem

I have got a ASROCK J4105M board with only UEFI possible. To change from an old BIOS only E2B USB-stick, first I installed the newest E2B version. Then I have deleted the 2nd partition on the stick and resized the first and added 2nd partition with 4GB. I have formated this with FAT32 an copied hirens-boot to this partition. It's possible to boot from the 2nd partition. Then I have renamed the memtest imgPTN to imgPTN23. After running SWITCH_E2B I'm able to boot memtest and switch back to normal E2B partition.
Then I converted a manjaro-lxqt-18.1 iso to imgPTN23 and tried to boot this one. But I got "unknown filesystem" and a grub prompt.
I checked the iso twice and build a USB stick with YUMI. There everything works normal.
So I guess there ist a problem when converting to imgPTN.
But how to get it work?