Topic: Easy2Boot

Date 08/02/2020

By ms.1304

Subject Thanks

i just want to say thank you to steve and a1ive.
I have installed Windows 10.imgPTN23 with E2B agFM v1.6 on a new Fujitsu Workstation, it's awesome.
(Support for Compatibility Support Module (CSM) is no longer possible on systems with 8th Generation Intel® Core™ i technology)
When I think about it, it is just a USB flash drive, unbelievable.
The development of E2B is rapid and Steve's support is fast; questions are answered competently within minutes or a solution is sought. No large software company offers this with expensive premium support. There you get answers like '' then that's the way it is'' or ''If you have done a Windows update, then contact Microsoft''. So many pages on and, with instructions, tested isos etc.
eBooks with explanations, exercises and incredible knowledge, a tremendous job. I think Steve is a robot ;-)