Topic: Easy2Boot

Date 18/02/2020

By Jason

Subject Re: Re: 2 menu entries for Dr. Web

Gotcha! It's fixed. Thank you.
I just tested it several times. It was not saving the definitions or wifi password on restart. I decided to delete and recreate drweb-rw file. I moved it to the same folder as the ,mnu and .iso files.

The ebook says "SET PF=\drweb-rw", but the sample .mnu file says "SET PER=\drweb-rw.

The first time I used "PF"; this time I left it as "PER". It seems to be working now. I restarted and it shows the definitions are current and it even saved my wifi password, so I am already online.

I have set up Kaspersky, but haven't tested it yet. I will tomorrow. I used the method described on RMPrepUSB website.

I am going to attempt to set up Comodo next. Do I use the Kaspersky method (create a folder) or DrWeb method (create ext3)?