Topic: Easy2Boot

Date 24/03/2020

By Steve Si

Subject E2B v2.00 with agFM UEFI-boot menu

Just a heads-up that E2B v2.00 is now released. If you make a new USB drive using it, it will also make a new FAT32 UEFI-bootable second partition on the USB drive.
You can then UEFI-boot from the USB drive and select the ISO/VHD/WIM/EFI file and boot it.
Most files should be made contiguous as with E2B. .imgPTN files must ALWAYS be contiguous.
Some agFM Linux ISO boot options do not require the ISO to be contiguous however.
IMPORTANT: If you want to use a Removable USB Flash drive, you must use a Windows 10 system because XP, 7 and 8 can only access the first partition on Removable USB drives and the Make_E2B script cannot copy the agFM UEFI files to the second partition.