Topic: Easy2Boot

Date 14/05/2020

By Pedro Santos


While trying to prepare the USB drive (Make E2B Drive), I have got this error twice.
It states something like "Error in creating file - the system could not find the specified path"
This is after 14 files have been copied already.
I have tried with disabled anti virus/malware.
A few days ago I was successful on the same computer. What am I doing wrong?
It is not clear in the instructions that one should extract the .zip file, but is is impossible to run as administrator otherwise.
I had a bootable USB made on that same drive with "Windows 7 USB DVD" tool, could that have changed permanently something in the drive?
I could not find information about this error anywhere.

Also, I am trying to make a bootable WXP Tablet PC Editio by following
It is not clear if I should keep CMPNENTS folder from CD1 while copying the one from CD2, can you clarify?
Another thing is that the CD I have from normal XPSP2 also has a TABLETPC folder inside CMPNENTS folder, although with less size.
CD2 is labeled as TabletPCEdition wSP3 and it indeed has an extra WIN51IP.SP3 on root comparing to CD1, so I wonder if this is a mix CD already and the instructions on the blog haven't predicted this.
Adding to that I must state that the CD2 is altogether a little bigger than CD1, shouldn't it be otherwise if the CD2 was just there to complete what's missing?