Topic: Easy2Boot

Date 14/05/2020

By PedroSantos


I'm working on a Windows 7 to do this.
I have Avast and Malwarebytes. I couldn't kill Avast in the Task Manager so I simply disabled temporarily.
I have verified folder by folder and it has failed to copy some files in \WINDOWS, the whole \WINPE (which has no files, so...) and the CONTIG.ISO file.
I wonder why you don't have those \CMPNENTS since you have recommended a link that specifically refer to that folder... you did this because I had a boot.ini error while trying to boot in the target computer after I tried only with the TabletPCEdition wSP3 CD, so it must have something incomplete on its contents or it was the boot USB that failed.
I'm going to test booting on the target computer in a few hours with source files in each CD both in separate and mixed to see what works. My guess that TPCEwSP3 must be an already complete system with no use for CD1.
Maybe I could even use its WIN51IP.SP3 file to make an ISO of CD1 and that way I could have a SP3 with no need to update... but hey I'm no technician, it's just a guess.