Topic: Easy2Boot

Date 18/05/2020

By Stass

Subject Re: Re: Used any .cfg starup files

I am delighted with the agFM file manager, I really like its functionality. But I would like to have direct items in my menu (rEFInd) to start the installation of Windows or other bootable ISOs through your main grubfmx64.efi file. At startup, the grubfmx64.efi file loads the config file by default (startup_default.cfg), and it would be better if you implemented the ability to download any such config files from different directories and with a different name. Is it possible to transfer some data through the startup parameters, for example, the path to any config file from which the program will start executing commands? Or, let the program first look for the config file next to it (in the same folder), with a specific name, and then download the default file if the first one was not available. We can talk about this in the mail.