Topic: Easy2Boot

Date 23/05/2020

By Steve Si

Subject Re: Boot HDCloner.iso in UEFI

I downloaded HDClone 9 Free Edition and made a HDClone.iso file. This ISO did NOT contain a \Sources folder (unlike if you make a USB drive using HDClone tool).
I copied the ISO to \_ISO\UTILITIES folder.
I then UEFI64 booted on a REAL SYSTEM and it appears to work fine on my Z87 PC. It would not boot under VBOX successfully. I could use isodef or isomap.
On some systems (IdeaPad 300) I got a 'shim' error due to the bootx64.efi shim file they use in the ISO (booting from grub.efi works). Same error when using a new USB drive made with their app! To fix - make a .imgPTN23 file from the ISO - switch it in and then rename the \EFI\BOOT\grub.efi file to bootx64.efi to replace the bootx64.efi shim.
Or make a USB drive using the HDClone application (spanner - Boot Setup) . Then create a .imgPTN23 file from the USB drive by drag-and-drop onto the MPI_FAT32 Desktop shortcut (MPI Tool Kit required). Then rename the grub.efi file.