Topic: Easy2Boot

Date 24/05/2020

By Stass

Subject Re: Re: Boot HDCloner.iso in UEFI

Suppose that we figured out the file manager, it does not bother me, it also loads with me. But how to boot an image from grub2? Found a method on the net:
menuentry "CHAINLOAD HDCLON" --hotkey=i {
set "iso_path=/_ISO/UTILITIES/HDClonePro.iso"
loopback loop $iso_path
loopback ElTorito (loop)108+13784
loopback Part (ElTorito)/
chainloader (Part)/efi/boot/grub.efi
loopback -d Part
loopback -d ElTorito
loopback -d loop
But it tells me that the file system is not supported. I could not find anything else. Help implement boot from grub2?