Topic: Easy2Boot

Date 13/06/2020

By kike

Subject Re: Re: iso windows 7 x64 bits pro efi

Thank you very much for your answer, I have tried and it has not worked, I have copied the file and mounted with ultraiso ..., and it keeps giving me the same errors
I have even added boot.wim and install.wim of that iso in another iso that yes is efi booteable (the one that fails me is udf booteable), to see if it succeeded but when booting it gives me error file: \ winedows \ system32 \ boot \ winload.efi
status: 0xc000000f
missing or corrupt

The problem is that I have an iso w7 that does boot with efi, but when it repairs it tells me that it is not the installed version of windows
And the iso that if you let me repair let me repair in legacy, but in efi it gives me those errors ...
Can you convert a bootable iso udf to bootable efi ??
Or some other possibility?
Where would be the tools to create an imgptn ???
Thank you so much for your help