Topic: Easy2Boot

Date 14/06/2020

By kike

Subject Re: Re: Re: Re: iso windows 7 x64 bits pro efi

Thank you again for the answers and help, I will try to change the boot wim from the iso that works for me in uefi to the one that does not work for me, I will integrate it with ultra iso and I will test.
Regarding imptn, I have carried out tests, but I must have done something wrong, I have transformed the iso to imptn, but it has "transformed the pendrive", to an iso windows 7 and I have had to generate it again.

I've been looking for a long time for an official iso windows 7 professional x64 svpk1, in Spanish or multilanguage, and I can't find it, much less updated ...
As for the usb 3.1, I integrate them into the iso and reassemble it, and so I can install windows 7 on eighth and ninth generation coffee lake equipment, which is my goal for example (hp 800 g4 sff), and thus be able to generate a sysprep for other computers.
All the tests I'm doing, adding the iso in the windows 7 folder of the usb e2b ..., against a physical computer with windows 7 with usbs 3.1.
How is starting from agfm ???, I don't understand?
All my objective is to get the iso with windows 7 that I have svpk 1 professional, allow me at work, to recover a corrupt boot and regenerate the boot boot from the command line, booting the iso from uefi of the pendrive with e2b, with legacy works correctly, but with efi I still can't get it ...
Could you pass me a link to an official iso windows 7 professional x64 bit Spanish (or at least multi-brand?) Since I can't find it ...
Again a thousand thanks for the help and answers