Topic: Easy2Boot

Date 03/08/2020

By Steve Si

Subject Re: Re: Re: Force iso to be fragged for testing

After copying all new files to the USB drive, you just double-click on \MAKE_THIS_DRIVE_CONTIGUOUS.cmd.
If that doesn't work then you need to ensure you have plenty of free space on the first partition (to make a 3GB file contiguous you will need approx 4GB of free space) - or buy a bigger USB drive.
You can use the Windows program defraggler.exe to make individual files contiguous (right-click on the file) and this can often work when MAKE_THIS_DRIVE_CONTIGUOUS.cmd fails to work because it does not have enough free CONTIGUOUS space on the drive. Anyone who makes a fresh E2B drive and then copies files to it will have no problems with non-contiguous files - all the files will be contiguous. You only get non-contiguous files once you start DELETING files - e.g. if you have 100GB partition, once you copy 100GB of files to the partition (even if you deleted some of the files at some point), then you will start to get fragmented files.