Topic: Easy2Boot

Date 03/08/2020

By EoflaOE

Subject E2B booted using Plop but GRUB4DOS USB 2.0 drivers doesn't install

I have used Plop to boot to E2B because my old computer's BIOS doesn't even recognize my stick as USB HDD; it recognizes it as USB RMD-FDD and fails to boot to E2B properly. By the way, it's KT4AV MS-6712, and the stick has FlashBoot installed if it helps.

Apparently, using Plop made the USB boot successfully to the boot menu, and the entries work except the Hiren's Boot CD because all menu entries lead to "No device found." So I've discovered an option called "Install fast GRUB4DOS USB 2.0 drivers," and the description says to install it if I have booted to USB using Plop or if the USB is bigger than 137GB. My stick is only 8GB.

As soon as I clicked on that option, it fails to install, saying "Error 81. No USB device found. USB drive enumeration failed. Try to restart." It would get stuck there. The problem is that I have inserted the stick, so it should detect that.

What should I do to ensure that the GRUB4DOS USB 2.0 drivers install successfully?