Topic: Easy2Boot

Date 01/09/2020

By Steve Si

Subject Re: Website Clarity

Are you referring to ?
I can't see much about 'partitioning' in that page - only about preparing a .imgPTN partition image.
If you are interested in Win7 install from ISO using UEFI64, then the easiest way now is:
1. Prepare a E2B USB drive + agFM using the download.
2. Add your Windows 7 64-bit ISO to \_ISO\WINDOWS\WIN7 folder
3. UEFI64-boot to the E2B USB drive - select the Win7 ISO file - select the 'Windows ISO' option and boot to Win7 Setup.
Note that Win7 does not support USB 3 or newer USB chipsets however and will only work with older systems (unless you add drivers to the ISO file).
eBooks with full details and Exercises to follow are available ;-)