Topic: Easy2Boot

Date 07/10/2020

By Bob Babcock

Subject Re: Re: IsVolOnDrive error

The E2B maker is run from the C drive, nothing special. With drive file stream (not backup and sync) nothing is backed up automatically. It creates a drive letter that looks like you have mounted google drive as a network drive, but underneath it's probably more complicated than that. I'd guess that you run through drive letters looking for the E2B drive and the system call you use fails on the virtual drive file stream creates. I wonder if configuring file stream to use a drive letter after the USB key would make the error go away?

Anyway, the important thing is that temporarily turning off drive stream makes the error message go away. Also, the error may be harmless; the creation process seems to finish successfully. But since the time consuming next step is copying 30GB onto the key, it's nice to not have any error messages at the start.