Topic: Easy2Boot

Date 05/11/2020

By Steve Si

Subject Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Nothing showing except .isomem in the e2b/agfm boot menu.

You seem to be confusing GPT with UEFI? GPT is a way to partition disks. UEFI is a new type of firmware. You can UEFI-boot from both MBR\Legacy disks and GPT disks. E2B+agFM is designed to work on an MBR disk only - even if you UEFI-boot to it. A GPT USB boot disk is not supported by E2B+agFM - the E2B USB disk must contain Primary MBR partitions.
P.S. Windows Setup has been intentionally limited by Microsoft so that if you UEFI-boot, it will only install to a GPT disk - if you Legacy\BIOS boot then it will only install to an MBR boot disk. Microsoft has limited it in this way because it is easier for them to support - if Legacy BIOS Windows boot then boot disk is MBR, if UEFI Windows boot then the boot disk has GPT partitions.