Topic: Easy2Boot

Date 10/12/2020

By GRöder

Subject linux install script takes forever

I've got a question regarding the install script. (Running ubuntu 20.04 with ntfs-3g installed)
If I use the, everything works fine and I can use the stick right afterwards. Though if I use the ntfs-version (because I'd like to have persistence files > 4 GB), the script is stuck at "Please wait - flushing write cache and unmounting drive..." (the final unmounting after the data has been copied to the drive) for ~30 minutes.
According to my disk manager and the output of lsblk the drive is unmounted right after the script reaches that point, but if I plug out the stick at that point (meaning before the umount command exits after half an hour), it is unusable (probably in an inconsistent state).
Is this a bug or supposed behaviour (syncing the write-cache) ? If second one - why does it take that long while only copying around 90 MiB of data ? (I tried two computers, 3 different USB ports and 2 different thumbdrives, same behaviour in every possible combination)
Regardless of this issue: Thanks for offering Easy2Boot! Your E-Books where very helpful too, for understanding the mechanics of booting (e.g. technical differences of Legacy vs. UEFI boot).