agFM Version History

(check contents of \agFM_version.txt):
v1.4 Requires FAT32 partition to be type 0C for .imgPTN switching
v1.5 FAT32 partition can be type 0B or type 0C - incl. latest Feb 03 2002 grub2
v1.6 RESTORE_E2B.cfg file updated.
v1.7 Automatically recognises .imgPTN, .imgPTN23, .imgPTNauto and .imgPTN23auto files (no need for .cfg file) + few bugfixes.
v1.8 2020-02-10 Bug fixes for .imgPTN, more file extensions recognised
v1.9 2020-02-11 Improve .imgPTN handling, font size reduced, latest grub2\agFM
v1.10 2020-02-13 .imgPTN* and .cfg files now run immediately they are selected (note: if you have existing .cfg files you will need to update them for the 'Cancel' operation to work. F3 boot menu now shows drive info inc. volume label, grub2 fixes for stat -c command not crashing.
v1.11 2020-02-14 Allow user to define a startup_menu.txt file with default menu items + timeout.
v1.12 2020-02-15 agFM now only lists bootable files in the menu. Added SHOW ALL FILES (agFM).cfg and SHOW ONLY BOOT FILES (agFM).cfg.
v1.13 2020-02-17 Using extension of .isodef, .isodefault, .isodd, .iso01, .iso32, .iso64, .isoPE, .isoPE01 will now immediately boot the ISO using E2B\partnew. Add diagnostic menu entry to users startup_menu.txt, support E2B-style MBR-booting of .iso* and .wim files with spaces in filenames. Display ISO icons in menu after selecting the ISO. Clear type 0 partitions on boot.
v1.14 2020-02-18 Improve direct booting of WinPE ISOs (HBCD PE, Win10XPSE, etc.).
v1.15 2020-02-19 Add support for user-defined theme or text+wallpaper menu.
v1.16 2020-02-20 SAMPLE_startup_menu.txt improvements/bug fixes
v1.17 2020-02-21 Change Font, add FAT32 file copy/rename options, use for ISOPE extension
v1.18 2020-02-23 WinBuilder ISOs (e.g. Gandalf) now should work correctly (no yellow triangle desktop icon) when using (map) option or .isoPE file extension.
v1.19 2020-02-25 Support multiple .imgPTN files, add support for WinPE .ini files, wipe \autounattend.xml and \unattend.xml if booting from Windows Install partition, latest build of a1ive grub2.
v1.20 2020-02-27 grub2 is no longer case-sensitive for filenames on NTFS,ext,exFAT partitions (see F4 option to enable case-sensitivity).
v1.21 2020-02-28 grubfm now sorts files alphabetically, partnew command now only works on contiguous files, check files are contiguous and warns the user, language selection now possible from the menu.
v1.23 2020-03-01 Win10 1909 x64_UNAME_PCNAME.cfg sample file added, bugfix for Legacy partnew booting of ISOs
v1.24 2020-03-02 grub2 now accepts backspace key on user input, krd.grubfm sample file added to UEFI64-boot Kaspersky krd.iso
v1.25 2020-03-03 Norton Bootable Recovery Tool nbrt.grubfm sample file added for UEFI64 boot from ISO, support Secure UEFI-booting from Windows Install ISOs and .wim files.
v1.26 2020-03-04 Support for .isomem, .isoloop and .isomap file extensions, update .ini files for WinPE (e.g. Bob Ombs),
v1.27 2020-03-06 update _sample_startup_menu.txt to allow for easy addition of theme folders, support medicat (use 'Boot Windows from ISO' menu entry),
v1.27 2020-03-06 fix Windows Install error when MBR booting - 'Windows could not update the computer's boot configuration'
v.1.28 2020-03-09 fix Windows Install issue of Windows Setup displaying on wrong monitor and so leaving the agFM menu displayed on the HDMI or notebook screen.
v1.29 2020-03-11 Add keyboard scan code maps. Sort languages alphabetically. Sort files alphabetically by default.
v1.30 2020-03-13 bugfix for Windows Install ISOs with \sources\Install.swm files, fix for bootmgr being installed to USB drive, add Download and update agFM.cmd so can update to latest version.
v1.31 2020-03-15 Tidy folder structure, add sample submenu.txt file example, change sample theme menu background.png, fix krd.iso not working (and others), add example .cfg file for unattended install of Windows with user entry for Edition, User Name and Computer Name.
v1.32 2020-03-17 .isopersist supported for Ubuntu-based ISOs, add Clover for UEFI-booting from E2B menu, move grubfm.iso to \e2b folder, revised a1ve grub2 filemanager.mnu file for Clover.
v1.33 2020-03-23 Latest versions of agFM (small bugfixes for messages + delay), etc.
v1.34 2020-03-27 Add En-us to F4 Language list, fix clover UEFI32bug in \e2b\alive grub2 filemanager.mnu, F1 now shows correct SecureBoot mode. 
v1.35 2020-04-01 Polish, Spanish, Hebrew, German languages updated.
v1.36 interim beta build.
v1.37 2020-04-05 Update languages, add Ukrainian uk_AU, change bootup message, add \version.txt file to hold agFM version number, apdate the SAMPLE_startup_menu.txt file, add .isowin type, add .cfg files for DLC, nbrt.