MPI Tool Kit (Windows only)

Tip: If you want the second partition on the E2B USB drive to remain accessible, use a file extension of .imgPTN23 to keep partitions 2 and 3 (if they exist).
MakePartImage includes support for English, German, Czech and Hungarian menu option (other languages can be added by user), extracts EFI boot files, includes syslinux v6.03, rEFInd can be added as option. Split_WinISO.exe for splitting large Windows Install ISOs.
Note: Folder and file names must not contain the ! character (or $ or ( or ).
  1. Download the MPI Tool Pack .zip file and extract the contents to a new folder on your Desktop
  2. Run ImDisk\imdiskinst.exe
  3. Run the CreateDesktopShortcuts.cmd to create the Desktop Shortcuts
  4. Drag-and-drop your ISOs onto the MPI_FAT32 Desktop Shortcut (for UEFI-bootable images)
The MakePartImage.cmd Windows batch file in the MPI Tool Kit converts a bootable payload file (or USB drive partition) into a partition image (.imgPTN) file which can then be added to your E2B USB drive.
  • This Windows MPI Tool Kit is required if you want to convert an ISO/payload for UEFI-booting (Windows, Linux, KonBoot, MemTest86, etc.) and for 'special' ISOs such as Windows All-in-One ISOs, Hirens ISOs, Falcon F4, Strelec, etc.
  • For UEFI-booting, convert the ISO using the MPI_FAT32 Desktop shortcut. Note: adding rEFInd+WinPE requires you to run MPI on a Win8/10 system.
  • If you are using a USB Hard drive, you can convert Windows Install ISOs to .imgPTN files and they will MBR- and UEFI-boot and no 'Helper' USB Flash drive is required.
  • Use SWITCH_E2B.exe to quickly 'switch-in' any .imgPTN file or 'switch-back' to E2B Menu mode using a Windows host system - no need to boot to the E2B menu first (E2B v1.73+ and MPI v0.055+)!
IMPORTANT! If you are updating MPI , you should re-install ImDisk because new versions use a Windows 10-compatible version of ImDisk - see below.
See MPI Tool Pack Version History for changes.

Alternate download sources (check here for latest\Beta version)

To Update the MPI Tool Pack to a later version

  1. Download the MPI Tool Pack and extract the contents to a new folder on your Desktop
  2. Run ImDisk\imdiskinst.exe (newer versions will work on Windows 10)
  3. Run the CreateDesktopShortcuts.cmd
  4. If you added your own files into the CUSTOM folder of the previous version, you should copy the contents of the old CUSTOM folder to the new MPI Tool Packs CUSTOM folder. If you have a menu.lst file in your CUSTOM folder, please compare it with the menu.lst file in the csm folder to look for any changes. If there is a CUSTOM_PE folder, update the contents with the previous version.
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  • Please contact me if you find any problems.
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