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Ventoy For Easy2Boot

Ventoy For Easy2Boot is almost exactly the same as the 'official' release, except it has been enabled to run on a E2B USB drive and has a different wallpaper.
First update to the latest version of E2B and agFM.
Use \e2b\Update agFM\Update_to_latest_Ventoy_version.cmd to update and add the latest version.
v1.0.29 - First version based on Ventoy v1.0.29 - Legacy+UEFI64 only
v1.0.31 2020-01-04 - based on v1.0.31 - Legacy+UEFI64 only
v1.0.32 2020-01-10 - based on Ventoy 1.0.32 - Legacy+UEFI64+UEFI32 (requires agFM v1.69f or later for UEFI32)
v1.0.35 2020-02-18 0 based on Ventoy 1.0.35
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