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Date 17/12/2018

By rob

Subject Re: Easy2Boot


Hi steve Rob here good morning I wanted to even donate or sign the site but cant figure that out either no my browser is not on maginfy

Date 18/12/2018

By SteveSi

Subject Re: Re: Easy2Boot


I would click on the Site Map link (on every main page and in tabs at top of every page) and then click on the 'Donate' link if I were you...

Date 10/05/2016

By Kevin

Subject E2B - fantastic program


I have been working with computers for 13 years and had about a dozen flash drives with various programs in my toolbox. I found out about this from another tech and use it both at work and home. At work we have to reimage machines and part of that is updating bios. I put the update utilities and iso's on the drive and boot to that, run the updater and it is done in about 2 minutes. Test a machine? Boot to any of a dozen iso's. Check for virus and malware? No problem. Lost password? Simple. I absolutely love having all of the programs needed in one place on one drive with a simple menu system. Adding and deleting iso's and utilities is just click and drag. I am running this on a 500gb usb3 drive so the whole thing is very fast. Great job and Thank You!

Date 01/05/2016


Subject Great tool!


Hi Steve,
Thank you very much for your great E2B tool. I just found it yesterday and I like it. Good job!

Date 24/04/2016

By Phoenix

Subject Thanks so much


Steve, Easy2Boot kicks every other USB making tool's ass!. no offense to sardu, yumi,Rufus but E2B is king since its free to use plus you just copy and paste ISO files and they just work.
keep up the great work Steve and i will make sure to donate soon.

Date 23/03/2016

By Andreas K

Subject Thanks


Thanks for your great work and great support. I will advise E2B to everyone how could need/use it.

Date 18/03/2016

By swenak

Subject Thanks.


I make donation, but, I must say thanks too, because this was for years my dream :-) Thanks for your job!

Date 12/03/2016

By Matthew

Subject Incredible


This software is incredible! You have done a marvelous job programming this, Steve. I could not find such an effective piece of software to easily boot multiple ISOs from a single USB. Your software does perfectly what many others try to mimic poorly.

Date 10/03/2016

By Brian

Subject Thank you


thank you

Date 01/03/2016

By Ralph

Subject Nice work


Have used this successfully on an oldish Mac Mini that had rEFIt installed as a boot manager (ok rEFInd I now know is better). E2B loaded up and installed another OS on the hard drive.
Thanks a lot for a great utility.

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